Hand-Free(TM) Limited
  1. What is the Hand-Free™ concept?

    Hand-Free™ is an innovative solution for snack consumers to hold both food and drink using just one hand. Our patented Hand-Free™ Containers can be attached to beverage cans, bottles, and cups, thus providing for greater convenience while snacking on the go.
  2. What is the mission of Hand-Free™ Limited?

    Our mission is to create a simpler eating and drinking experience for the world’s snack consumers.
  3. Who are the people behind Hand-Free™ Limited?

    Hand-Free™ Limited is a partnership between Singaporean father-and-son Bill Loh and Mark Loh. Bill Loh invented the Hand-Free™ products range and holds patent rights on the Hand-Free™ concept. Bill is based in China where he oversees factory operations. Meanwhile, Mark Loh coordinates sales, marketing, and back-office operations and is a graduate of Georgetown University.
  4. How much do your Hand-Free™ Containers cost?

    It depends. For wholesale distributors, various considerations such as product type, order quantity, and delivery terms must be considered before we quote a price. And since our products are patented and value-added in the sense of its Hand-Free™ attributes, our products do cost more than your conventional food tray. But we work hard to keep our overhead costs low, and are convinced that the slight premium you pay for our products is well worth the added satisfaction of snacking Hand-Free™.
  5. Do you sell directly to consumers?

    At present we do not sell our Hand-Free™ Containers directly to consumers. We are focused on building our wholesale distribution network for now, but plan to implement direct-to-consumer sales in the future.
  6. What are your Hand-Free™ products made of?

    Our Hand-Free™ products are made of polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer that is fatigue-resistant, microwavable, and recyclable.