About Us

Hand-Free™ Limited is a newly incorporated trading company based in Singapore and Hong Kong. We are in the Hand-Free™ Containers business – an innovative solution for snack consumers to hold both food and drink using just one hand.

The firm is a Singaporean father-and-son partnership. The father, Bill Loh, invented the Hand-Free™ products range and holds patent rights on his Hand-Free™ concept. Bill is based in China where he oversees factory operations. Meanwhile the son, Mark Loh, coordinates sales, marketing, and back-office operations.

Hand-Free™ Limited is committed to creating a better eating and drinking experience for the millions of snack food consumers all around the world. From a casual picnic BBQ to a classy cocktail party, we are sure that our Hand-Free™ Containers will heighten the enjoyment of your meal.

Bill Loh

Mark Loh