Hand-free™ Concept

Are you a busy executive? Do you like to eat snacks at the movies or while cheering for your favorite football team at the stadium? Hosted any parties lately? If so, you may be interested in our Hand-Free™ Containers.

At Hand-Free™ Limited, our philosophy is that life is hard enough as it is. So we have created a simpler eating and drinking experience for the world’s snack consumers. Hunger and thirst is a common human experience, but the difficulty of holding food and drink with one hand need not be. As you can see, our patented Hand-Free™ Containers can be attached to beverage cans, bottles, and cups. This lets you hold both food and drink using just one hand, and thus provides greater convenience while snacking on the go.

So the next time you're ready to munch on some snacks with drinks, think Hand-Free™.


The Hand-Free™ Advantage

For Consumers   For Food Vendors
Make phone calls with ease while snacking
Increase your drink and takeaway sales
Walk, talk, and snack effortlessly
Enhance the versatility of your combo meals
Less hassles while driving and snacking
Make your food packaging more prominent
No more lost cups at parties
Boost your product visibility at stores


Our Hand-Free™ Containers are great for :



Sports Stadiums


Theme Parks


24/7 Convenience Stores

Gas Stations